Dynasty of Ryurik Exhibition

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LenExpo Features Dynasty of Ryurik Exhibition in St Petersburg

From January 30th to February 15th an outstanding exhibition called “My history. The Dynasty of Ryurik” will take place in one of the most well-known exhibition halls of St. Petersburg, LenExpo. The cycle of exhibitions called “My history” started in 2013 with “The Romanov’s” which took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other Russian cities. More than 800,000 people visited the exhibition since then. The experts expect the same success for the current event as well.

Throughout the history of Russia there have only been two dynasties of monarchs – the Romanov dynasty (the most famous representatives being Peter the Great and Nicholas II) and the dynasty of Ryurik, one of the last representatives of which was Ivan the Terrible. The history of Old Russia is connected with the dynasty of Ryurik. Almost seven centuries of the Russian history are reflected in 18 multimedia halls which occupy the area of about 12,000 square feet.

You will be able to learn more about such events as founding of old towns and cities, baptism of Russia (which took place in 988), the Tartar-Mongol yoke which lasted for more than two centuries, and the evolution of Moscow into the capital of the country and one of the cultural and political centers of Europe. Visitors will be able to witness legendary battles and follow old trade routes, uncover mysteries of old castles and fortresses, learn about the deeds of Russian heroes and diplomats, and experience sacrificial love of Russian people for their motherland.

The best way to understand a modern yet historical Russia is to look for clues deep in history and the exhibition “My history. The dynasty of Ryurik” gives a wonderful opportunity to find the answers.

You can visit the exhibition as a part of our St Petersburg tours.