Fashion in St Petersburg

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St Petersburg is starting to make a name for itself as one of the new fashion capitals of the world and many visitors to the city are surprised and impressed with the stylish trends that are showcased in the city.

As part of a St Petersburg tour, shopping for souvenirs is an important element and that certainly includes clothing and shoes. Dancing Bear Tours can organize specific shopping tours to find the latest trends and we can include shopping as part of all our St Petersburg tours. This article mentions some of the places we can take you to experience fashion in St Petersburg.

(CNN) — When you think about Russian style, don’t think Moscow, think St. Petersburg. Like the city — which is crammed with elegant architecture — the citizens of Russia’s fashion capital know how to look good. Their reputation for being easygoing and adventurous is often expressed in clothing.

Gaudy colors and bad leisurewear aren’t the thing in St. Petersburg — here fashionistas are more likely to mix designer threads with Grandma’s castoffs.

But getting the look can take some effort; it requires legwork.

St. Petersburg isn’t about grabbing something boring off the peg, its about experimenting.

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