Live there: St. Petersburg locals’ tips for the city

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Read this article from a local St Petersburg resident offering some advice on what to do in St Petersburg. Many of the attractions including the Russian Museum and Erarta Museum are best seen as part of our St Petersburg tours. We give fantastic insight and stories about what you are viewing at the Russian Museum for example and enrich your experience with a small lesson in Russian history. We can also arrange a boat tour to experience both the White Nights and the bridge openings on the Neva River.

Also, to be sure the vast majority of St Petersburg residents will connect the city with Peter the Great, as he was the founder of the Cultural Capital of Russia. We can arrange a visit to Peter and Paul Fortress where you can learn more about the founding of the city and the life of Peter the Great.

Welcome to St Petersburg!

Denizens of the second capital relax in a completely different way, bypassing the well-trodden tourist paths Saint Petersburg is one of the cities most beloved by tourists, on par with the capital. Coming once again to the “city on the Neva,” one involuntarily wonders how the local Petersburgians live […]