Tony Cragg Exhibition in St Petersburg “Unusual Sculptures”

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On the first day of spring a new exhibition opens at the Hermitage Museum inside the General Staff building. In the halls of modern art is where real art-lovers will be able to get acquainted with the works of the contemporary British sculptor Tony Cragg. Among the exhibits there are drawings and extravagant and unusual sculptures made of strange materials.

The works of Tony Cragg can be seen today all over the world, not only in museums but under the open sky as well, in the streets of various cities. For example, his composition Ferryman is in Vien, and the bronze sculpture Auf der Lichtung rises in Sennenatadt in Germany.

The most famous works by Cragg are considered to be sculptures made of dice. The British sculptor always gets new odd ideas and uses many different materials and tools to create his works of art. Today his creative work can be compared to Asian masters known for their eccentricity, boldness and a bit of insanity.

Note that the exhibition is taking place in the General Staff Building, which is now a part of the Hermitage Museum. It is in this facility where the amazing collection of the impressionist and post-impressionist artists is on display. So do not miss this unique opportunity to see both classical and modern art in one place!