10 Reasons to Hire Dancing Bear Tours for Your Private St Petersburg Shore Excursion

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Why Choose a Private St Petersburg Shore Excursion

Be sure that St Petersburg will be a highlight of your journey: the former capital of the vast and extremely rich Russian Empire for more than 200 years, home of stunning palaces for royal family  and luxurious palatial mansions for the nobility, the Hermitage Museum, Faberge House and  Russian ballet; the city of 3 revolutions which preserved its undying beauty and elegance even after a 900 day siege from Nazi Germany… there is too much to see, learn and experience during 2-3 short days!  We know how to help you and give 10 reasons why you should choose a private St Petersburg Shore Excursion for your visit to the Cultural Capital of Russia:

  1. All shore excursions with us are visa free.

  2. Small, intimate groups of cruise passengers of no more than 8-10 people or strictly private tours only for you, your family and friends: you can take our standard package tour or the one specially tailored for you.

  3. No standing in lines to the museums as we arrange pre-booked tickets.

  4. Non-smoking, experienced drivers and fully licensed guides speaking your language fluently;  some of our guides are professional art  historians / historians.

  5. Interesting ideas for kids if you are traveling with children (we provide you boosters for babies as well).

  6. Special tours for second time visitors including art, music,  and history lovers (including military and political history), amateur photographers and artists, tourists with special interests connected with their professional activity, shopping tours for buying traditional and non-traditional souvenirs.

  7. A chance to try Russian cuisine in the house of a local Russian family or quaint local restaurant  – borsch, vodka, caviar, pies and much, much more…

  8. Learn more with your guide and a driver about regular life in St Petersburg – get behind closed doors and inside secret yards, asking your guide as many questions as you wish.

  9. Enjoy a concert, folk show, ballet (at the new Mariinsky theatre), or opera – we will arrange tickets in advance.

  10. The memory about your time in St Petersburg with us will remain with you forever due to our small original gift.