The official website of the European Spas Association, operated by World Media Partners s.r.o., is a unique project in English and German language versions, whose goals are to support spas and balneology in Europe, to present member countries as spa destinations, and to promote the services of the Association’s members through its new marketing and distribution tool. The website offers simple navigation through geographic and symptom subdivisions with the help of maps, fulltext and form-based searching.

Presentation of countries and spa locations that are members of the ESPA is free.

Web pages for a spa establishment present the available spa, accommodation, conference and dining facilities, complemented by photographs and logos. As an additional service, the website can provide virtual tours. Establishments presented on the website will be forwarded any requests received from visitors to the site.

Presentation of spa establishments is charged annually at €99 plus 19% VAT, total €117,81. VAT payers in European Union countries outside of the Czech Republic will not charged VAT.


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