1917-2017 This year we commemorate the anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

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Dates have magical power. They make us remember events that happened a long time ago. What for? To realize, admire, repent, get scared, horrified? Most likely – to learn our lessons and continue our way to the wiser and more optimistic future which can be like this only because we remember our past.

Russian Revolution had great influence on the history of Russia and the world. It would be impossible even to mention everything that was done for the event: lectures in libraries and museums, competitions in educational establishments, excursions that gave a chance to follow the routes of the Revolution… Let’s dwell on a few most important ones.

The festival of light was dedicated to the Revolution. This year it took place on Palace Square, in the very city center. 5 short performances were shown on the façade of Winter Palace. The teams were from Italy, Russia, Poland, France and Spain. Spectators were to vote for the one they liked most. Right opposite the Winter Palace, on General Staff building they showed the story of 1917. All the months passed by: so called “bread” riots of February, abdication of the last Russian tsar in March, April thesis by Lenin, the feeling of freedom of May and June and the disappointment of August and September. Then finally came October Revolution (don’t get confused: you may come across the 25th of October and the 7th of November as the date of the event – in 1918 our country changed Julian calendar for the Gregorian one).

Hermitage Museum commemorated Revolution with a huge project called “Storming of the Winter Palace”. From the beginning of this year very small exhibitions were opened all over the Palace. Now State rooms of the museum are occupied by the exhibition dedicated to museum and government, museum and revolution, museum buildings and tsar residence in 1917. Personal belongings of the family of the last Russian tsar are on display, part of the exhibition describes the military hospital which was in Winter Palace, the provisional government and storming the palace in October. 

Museum of Political History opened the exhibition “Women and Revolution”. Besides this every month of 2017 they organized lectures about 1917.

If you can’t come to our city, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the time with the help of TV. The TV series “Demon of the Revolution” started on the 5th of November. It is a speculation whether Lenin was a saint or a devil, if he received money from Germany or not. It shows Lenin a few months before October revolution, in Europe.

The other series is dedicated to Trotsky. Unlike Lenin, he is depicted as the one to blame for the Revolution and Red Terror that followed. At the same time, he is definitely person number two of the revolution, being a better public speaker than even Lenin was. 

100 years have passed but even in our country this Revolution is considered one of the most controversial events of the Russian history. Try to make up your mind which point of view to support…