Bulgakov Museum

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Experience Master and Margarita at the Bulgakov Museum

Founded on March 26th, 2007, the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum is a testament and memorial to one of the most famous Russian writers. The apartment located in Moscow is the site of the writers first address, which was immortalized in his famous book Master and Margarita. The museum takes you back to Soviet times where you can immerse yourself in the environment of the writer including hand-written letters, a piano, an old telephone, and portraits. There are tours of the museum which tell about the life of Bulgakov and how he came to incorporate the unusual apartment into Master and Margarita.

Bulgakov Museum Entrance - Moscow

There is also a special theatrical tour which re-creates Master and Margarita before your eyes. Begemot the cat appears before your eyes, and your tour guide looks similar to Margarita. Actors appear and disappear through secret passages, Margarita disappears and later returns to guide visitors further along the tour. This tour takes you along the streets near Bulgakov’s apartment and into Patriarch’s Ponds, where there is talk of building a monument to Bulgakov.


Visitors can also experience exhibitions related to Bulgakov and his family. Concerts are very often held with classical music from the 1900’s to 1930’s that capture the musical love of Bulgakov that is represented in his books.

After exploring the museum and taking the theatrical tour visitors will want to go back and start re-reading Master and Margarita all over again to experience the strange world which was created by Bulgakov.

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