Fountain Season Opens in Peterhof

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Every May in Peterhof, the former Tsars’ residence situated to the south of St Petersburg on the shore of the Gulf of Finland world-famous for its fountains, a spectacular event takes place – the official opening of the fountains. This year the festival is going to take place on May 16th. Usually on the day of the festival Peterhof is flooded with guests not only from abroad but also from St Petersburg, who would like to participate in the charming festival.

This year it is devoted to the 300th anniversary of the Grand Palace of Peterhof. The festival will start at 1:00 pm with a performance in traditional costumes which will take us back to the times of Peter the Great, Elizabeth, and Catherine the Great. Another performance is going to take place at the Grand Cascade in the Lower Garden – at the most famous fountain of the residence. A military orchestra will march through the alleys of the garden. The culmination of the festival will be the festive opening of the fountains.

This is the official start of the summer season in Peterhof.

The best way to get there and back is by hydrofoil. Just contact us for more information and a tour of Peterhof.