Frida Kahlo Exhibition in St Petersburg

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On the 3rd of February 2016 the first large-scale retrospective exhibition Frida Kahlo Exhibition in St Petersburg at the Faberge Museum.

Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 but later she changed this date for 1910 because it was the year of the revolution in Mexico. On the 17th of September 1925 Frida was badly injured in an accident when a bus hit a tram. She had numerous broken bones and a year afterwards she spent in a hospital. She wasn’t able to walk – and she was just 18 years old!

It was then, when she asked her father to give her paints and brushes. They installed a mirror so that she could see herself and a special easel. Thus she could paint lying in bed. This actually influenced her work a lot, as her first painting turned out to be a self-portrait. Self-portrait became the main subject that the artist treated. Frida mentioned that she painted herself because she spent a lot of time alone and in this way she herself was the subject which she knew best of all.

The exhibition displays 34 works by Frida Kahlo including paintings, drawings and lithography. The visitors will see both early works and more mature ones, which will help to understand the development of the artist. About 100 photos are also on display revealing different periods of the life of the artist and Mexican national costumes like the ones that Frida Kahlo herself liked to wear.

The exhibition will show almost all the works available for exhibitions outside Mexico. Among them are the famous paintings, without which it is impossible to imagine the history of art of  the 20th century. For example “The broken column”, which is considered to be the most famous piece, or “Henry Ford hospital”.

The works of the world-famous Mexican artist will be on display till the 30th of April. If you are interested – just let us know, and we will easily include a visit to this exhibition to your itinerary!