Harley days in Saint-Petersburg

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St Petersburg Harley days is the only international event in Russia which is part of the world system of Harley Davidson festivals. It usually lasts 4 days. This year it took place from 3 up to 6 of August in the very city center. The program included:

-bike parade from the very city center along the main streets and embankments,

-test ride of the new bikes,

-the competition Custom Bike Show,

-Stunt riding show,

-the competition Miss St Petersburg Harley Days,

-the concert, kids’ playground, market.

The governor of the city wished all the participants who love speed and freedom to have open hearts, good road and warm wind.

The bike season in the city is quite short. Nobody rides in winter. If you love bikes as much as we do there is an official showroom all year round and there are special tours of the city by bike. Use a unique opportunity to enjoy our city from a different angle and get some wind in the hair on the way.