Hermitage Museum Opens Exhibition “Byzantium through the Ages”

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Greece and Russia have been stepping up cultural relations lately.

Starting in March

Starting in March there is a Greek sculpture exhibit at the Hermitage Museum. The Greek government is providing sculptures from the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, for the first time ever.  The sculpture “Cora” is from the early IV century, BC. Cora is a young lady, holding an offering a goddess or god.  She is always dressed in traditional Greek clothing of the time.

June 24 – October 2, 2016 “Byzantium through the Ages

Greece is providing the Hermitage Museum with hundreds of art objects, including icons with ancient historical significance.  

Also in June, items from XX Century Greek artists will be on display in the Central Exhibit Hall and the Museum of the History of Religion, and St Isaac’s Cathedral museum space. 

The Hermitage Museum will also be sending three items from the Scythian gold collection to Athens for public display.  This is also the first time anything from this collection has been sent out of Russia.