Imperial Gardens in St. Petersburg

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Imperial Gardens of Russia

News: 2011-05-05

The Imperial Gardens of Russia IV International Festival May 26 – June 6, 2011

‘The Imperial Gardens of Russia’ International Festival, taking place in the Mikhailovsky Garden, was established by the Russian Museum. Each year the theme of the festival is different, which is resulted in the variety of compositions and installations. Two years ago, for example, there were two compositions in the shape of ball dresses, made of live flowers – it was possible to take photos of ladies, standing behind them – it looked as if they were wearing them. Among lots of other man-made creatures there was a flower peacock with the colorful 2-meter-long tail.

This year the festival will be devoted to the Year of Italy in Russia, it will be called “An Italian Afternoon” – that was the title of one of the most famous paintings by Karl Bryullov, made during his staying in Italy and exhibited in the Russian Museum. The forthcoming festival-contest will turn the Mikhailovsky Garden into a quiet Italian yard, reminding those invisible ties, connecting the culture and art of our countries.

The contestants will work in two nominations – 1) free forms, 2) thematic compositions (Charm of Ruins, Roman Fountains, Bella Donna, Eluding Beauty, etc.). The Jury, represented by the experts from Italy, Russia and Finland will reward the contest winners on May 28th.

The entertainment program will also be of great interest. In the day time there will be concerts, playing pieces from Italian operas, in the evening you will see the costume performances with the participation of St.Petersburg opera stars. One evening will be given to the mini-festival of street theaters, that will represent their shows, dedicated to the Italian opera “Del Arte”, a concert of St.Petersburg underground musicians and poets and so on.

June 1st is the Children’s Day. On that occasion the Mikhailovsky Garden will be given into children’s disposal. Roberto Chinello’s “Children’s Fashion-Show”, a number of art-projects, including ‘Avenue of Painters”, a flash-contest of children’s pictures. There will also be a special excursion program for disabled kids (on June 1-2).

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent is expected at the opening ceremony of the Festival.