International Women’s Day in St Petersburg

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Celebrate International Women’s Day in St Petersburg

Slowly but surely the spring is coming to the Northern Venice. Birds sing and first flowers appear. Together with the warm weather comes another festive day – International Women’s Day. The idea of establishing such a holiday was put forth in 1910 by a social-democrat Clara Zetkin at the International Women’s Conference held in Copenhagen. The idea of its organization was considered as another step in the fight for women’s rights. It was only in 1975 when this day was officially recognized by the UNO as a holiday.

Nowadays the question of gender equality is already solved in developed countries. Thus, the 8th of March has become just Women’s Day. In Russia we usually make presents and buy bunches of flowers for our grandmothers, mothers, or that special someone. If you are interested in creating a special hand-made gift you can visit several workshops carried out in the main shopping centers of the city.

To celebrate this event the city authorities have organized an annual competition called ”The woman of the year 2014.” It starts on the 2nd of March and finishes right before the holiday, on the 7th of March. The aim of this event is to choose the best professionals in different spheres – business, medicine, culture, etc. In addition to that the European Chess Championship and a draughts tournament for women will take place in St Petersburg.