Miniature Russia in St. Petersburg

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Russian Federation in Miniature

News: 2011-04-25

The Island of Kizhi in Karelia, famous for its wooden architecture has been recreated in miniature as part of an 800-square-meter model of the Russian Federation, which is on show in St. Petersburg. It has been conceived as a collection of all the key sites, scattered all over the country, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. The Kremlin (Moscow), Peter and Paul Fortress (St. Petersburg) and lots of other remarkable objects of Russia have been replicated and can be seen in one place. The model is made of wood and plastic on a scale of 1 : 87.

The huge model also represents tunnels and bridges, sea ports and airports, railway- and metro stations, factories and sports facilities, added with seas and rivers, mountains and woods plus multiple toy people and animals.

Objects, located in different climatic zones of the world’s largest country will be connected with a network of automated highways and railroads, controlled with a help of computers. The model is being under construction, over 100 engineers and other specialists are taking part in this work. They are helped by the teenagers, being taught to modeling at a vocational school, later they will provide functioning of the model.

The exhibition, located at Tsvetochnaya street 16, is very popular among both, adults and children, who get excited when observing this unique place. Welcome to enjoy it, too!