Navigation Season in St Petersburg 2016

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St Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia, from the very beginning was constructed as a port on the Baltic Sea.

Peter the Great, the founder of the city, was so anxious to have a port on the Baltic that he even prohibited the construction of bridges across the Neva River so they do not disturb navigation to and from the Baltic Sea.

Nowadays during the navigation season (from May until late September), visitors can see various naval festivals in St Petersburg.

This year on May 2nd and 3rd there was a parade of icebreakers in St Petersburg. There sat the famous “Krasin” icebreaker, which is docked permanently on the banks of the Neva River and is now open to public as a museum. During the days of the festival four more icebreakers came to the city including “Sankt-Peterburg” (St Petersburg), “Mudjug”, “Ivan Krusenstern” and “Kapitan Sorokin” (Captain Sorokin).

Russian icebreakers are famous the world over and are capable of going places no other ships can go.

The ships were docked almost in the center of the city, and many citizens and guests of the city came to enjoy the parade of icebreakers.

During these two days, it was allowed to go aboard the ships, see the decks, and witness the everyday life of sailors. Also on the embankments, they organized performances and shows for the public.