Reality and magic

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This is the name of the porcelain exhibition that is in Hermitage museum. Nelly Petrova who was honored with a personal exhibition in the museum is the main artist of the Russian imperial porcelain factory now.

There are 222 objects of art on display. There were all created at the Imperial porcelain factory. The exhibits are made in different techniques and genres but they are linked by one topic: the life in all its diversity and how artist understands it. Every exhibit has its own history.

This exhibition is the first one in the series of personal exhibitions of artists that work at the Russian imperial porcelain factory which was the first one in Russia that started producing “white gold”. This series is dedicated to the 275th anniversary of the factory. The exhibition will last up to the 3rd of September. If you are a true admirer of porcelain, hurry up not to miss the event.