Salvador Dali in Faberge museum (18+)

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“Surrealist and classic artist” is the name of the exhibition which takes place in Faberge museum. It will be there up to July 2. The exhibition occupies 3 halls of the museum and is open every day (10.00am-8.45pm).

It is the first time so many paintings and graphic works (more than 150) of Dali are on display in St Petersburg. Gala Salvador Dali foundation, other museums and private collections gave their works of art to Faberge museum. The exhibition covers the period from 1930s up to 1980s. You will be able to see early surrealist works of the artist (including “Landscape with mysterious elements” that was purchased by the foundation Gala in 2011 for $11 million) and the ones that show his reflections about Renaissance. Illustrations to autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini and Divine comedy by Dante Alighieri are on display.  

Most of these works of art are rarely shown even in Spain, motherland of the artist. And it is their first time in Russia.

Even if you have already seen these works of art, you will not recognize them. The collection is put up in the way for you to see them from the other angle. Dark halls combined with bright backlight is one of the trends of the Faberge museum. Owing to this the paintings seem to glow from inside. They let you have the illusion of getting into Salvador Dali’s world.

Vladimir Vorochenko, the head of Faberge museum said: “He wanted to tell us that the basis for every artist if he wants to become great is classical art.”

The head of the Gala foundation, Montse Aguer, is responsible for the exhibition. The idea was to show the artist that was always close to the heritage of classical art. That is what helped him to get his place in the history of art.

Joan-Manuel Sevillano, the foundation’s executive manager, said that Dali was always criticized. Only now we start to understand his personality. When he was alive, there were people that liked him and the ones that did not. Now all the dust is gone and we understand his influence on modern art.

The exhibition is very popular. The social networks introduced the hashtag #очередьнадали (#quieufordali in Russian) even before it started. So be sure to let us know you would like to visit the exhibition in advance.