Street art museum

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This word combination sounds strange, does not it? It seems useless to preserve street art. Its function is to be seen, understood and disappear next day. This is actually how it happens in the only museum of street art in the world that is located at the plastics plant.

It was opened in 2012. At that time, Manifesta 10 took place in the Hermitage museum. “Casus Pacis” was a temporary exhibition that was located near the plant. The motto of Manifesta 10 was the interaction of classic and contemporary art. Therefore, this exhibition tried to define the place of street art in the world culture.
Later the exposition was enlarged and the museum settled at the territory of the plant forever. The exposition consists of two parts: permanent and temporary ones. The latter is renewed annually. Last summer the exhibition was dedicated to immigrants and their problems.

The goal of the museum is to provide space for young street artists, preserve the information and pictures of street art and show a new approach to the development of industrial districts.
The tour of the museum will take you round the plant territory and to the workshops (unfortunately no photo or video there due to safety regulations). You will learn how to escape from the police if you are a street artist and what street art is.

Everyone can send his graffiti design to the museum. If the team thinks, it is worth completing you will be invited to create it. All necessary materials will be provided. So take your chance to leave your trace in Saint Petersburg, even if it does not preserve for a long time.