The 9th of May is the victory day in Russia

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The 9th of May is the victory day in Russia. On this day, we celebrate the victory in Great Patriotic War (WWII). It is one of the most important holidays, which unites different generations. It reminds us about the terrible pages of our history. Owing to our fathers and grandfathers we know about this war only from books and films.

Every year all cities in our country celebrate this holiday. This year there were a lot of interesting events in our city.

On May 8, people laid red carnations  at the tombs of the soldiers of war. 

On May 9, the plane with St George ribbon (one of the symbols of the victory) circled the city from 2 pm up to 4 pm. People all over Russia wear these ribbons to say: “I remember, I’m proud of the victory”. These ribbons were distributed by Russian post, many local cafes and other institutions.

The rostral columns were switched on from 9 up to 12am and from 5 up to 11pm. The lighthouses are on only for major occasions.

At 9am the review of the battleships took place in the Neva river. 10 ships of the Baltic fleet took part in it.

At 10am there was a review of the troops on the Palace Square. For the first time air force took part in it. The rehearsals took place on May 3, 5 and 7. So the citizens had a lot of chances to have a look.

At 2.30pm veterans of war were driven in retro cars along Nevsky prospect. There are very few of them left. So, we enjoyed the opportunity to see them. As for the ones that are already gone there was another demonstration to commemorate them. The immortal division started gathering at 2pm. These are people with portraits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers that were veterans of the war. It gave children a great chance to study the history of their family. The column started at 3pm. The demonstration finished on the Palace square, the very center of the city. More than 300000 people took part in it.

From 5pm the concert started. At 10pm there were fireworks near Peter and Paul fortress.