The festival “ICE fantasy” presents a gallery of 60 sculptures

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In December and January this year a festival of sculptures completely made of ice is taking place. The festival “ICE fantasy” presents a gallery of 60 sculptures. To make them they used 170 tons of ice! The exhibition is located on the territory of the Peter and Paul’s fortress in a tent, the area of which totals 1000 square meters. To keep the temperature below zero, there are special coolers inside, so if you decide to visit, don’t forget to put on extra layers!

The sculptures were created by professional team of Russian sculptors, who participated in international exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Taiwan and China, and won different prizes.

At the exhibition you can meet all the different characters not only from the Russian fairy tales (including the most famous ones by Alexander Pushkin), but also from the foreign ones, as well as heroes from various cartoons and movies. The tallest sculpture this year is a 7-meter tall pirates’ ship called the Black Pearl.

Among the sculptures, there is also a traditional representation of Father Frost or Ded Moroz (the Russian variant of Santa Claus) with his granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) and a figure of a rooster, which is the symbol of 2017.

Actually, the festival is fun not only for children but for the adults as well. So if you are in St Petersburg, don’t miss a chance to see everything with your own eyes!