The scarlet sails

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“Scarlet sails” is a festival for school graduates from Saint-Petersburg. This year it took place on 23rd of June in the center of the city. More than 30000 students attended. The center of the city was closed and to enter it you had to have a ticket. They were distributed among the school graduates and their parents for free. The first part of the show was a concert. After it, there was a firework. Everybody could have a look. This year up to 2000000 people did. “Scarlet sails” is a story about a girl who waited for her prince to come to her by a ship with scarlet sails. The one who fell in love with her bought red cloth and fulfilled the girl’s dream. This festival is a symbol that all dreams of school graduates will come true. The event is becoming more and more popular. Next year the festival will celebrate 50 years anniversary.