To watch or not to watch?

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That is the question that people had to answer about a new film called ‘Matilda” that was released on October, 26. It is about a love story of a ballet dancer Matilda and Nicholas II, the heir of the Russian throne, the last Russian emperor. He was shot with his family and servants in 1918. Russian orthodox church has called him a martyr. That’s why a lot of people in Russia thought it would be blasphemous to show the details of his private life. On the contrary, the admirers of the film claim it to be fiction, the point of view of the director.

So, to watch or not to watch? We say yes. Admire the gorgeous outfits, feel the atmosphere of the end of the XIX-beginning of the XX century, enjoy the interiors of Catherina palace, Yusupov palace, Alexander palace (it is to open again after the restoration works next summer) and come to our city to discuss what was really true about the film…