Top 10 Tours in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg, a city of roughly five million people on the Baltic Sea, is Russia’s second-largest urban area. There are many things to do here. Finding the time to fit everything in, is challenging, but our St. Petersburg tours can help you experience the best of the city. Here are our top 10 tours of St. Petersburg, Russia that are worth considering:

  1. 2-Hour Kayaking Tour: Available from May through September, this 2.5-hour tour takes you along St. Petersburg’s famed rivers and canals. Each excursion is led by two experienced kayakers and includes the Kryukov Canal, the Moyka River, and the Neva River.
  2. 3-Day Standard Tour for On-Land Travelers: Let a tour guide lead you through all the major sights of the city. The tour includes a boat ride and visits on land to the Hermitage Museum, Catherine Palace, Peter and Paul Cathedral, metro stations, and more.
  3. 2-Day Active Tour for On-Land Travelers: A private city tour that includes a visit to metro stations, a farmer’s market, and Catherine Palace on day one, and a visit to popular churches, cathedrals, and palaces on day two. It includes a total of 19 hours of
  4. 2-Day Visa-Free Petersburg Shore Excursion: This tour packs in all major sights in two days and includes a hydrofoil ride near St. Isaac Cathedral. On day two, your guide will show you around famous museums and the Church of Our Savior on the Spilt Blood.
  5. 2-Day Jewish Heritage Tour: Includes visits to the Grand Choral Synagogue, the Holocaust monument, Catherine Palace with the Amber Room, the Jewish exhibition in the Ethnography museum, and the fountains and upper gardens of Petergof lower park.
  6. 2-Day Family Tour: Kid-friendly activities include visits to the Grand Model of Russia and “St. Petersburg in Miniature.” A boat ride on day two takes you to Peterhof, where kids can stay entertained by trick fountains and various local attractions.
  1. 3-Hour Hermitage Museum Tour: One of the top 10 St. Petersburg attractions, this museum was founded in 1764. Originally a private museum for Catherine the Great, it is now the largest art museum in Russia, with roughly three million pieces of art.
  2. 1-Day Tour for On-Land Travelers: An 8-hour excursion that lets you explore the city with limited time. It includes three famous cathedrals and the Hermitage museum, where you can also explore on your own. This is primarily a driving city tour.
  3. 3-Hour Walking City Tour: If you prefer exploring on foot, a local guide can meet at your hotel and show you where the best local shops and destinations are. Learn about public transportation and get help arranging visits to museums and major sights.
  4. 2-Day Art & Architecture Tour: A 17.5-hour tour that takes you to the Nouveau Vitebsky Railway Terminal (and other stations), Chesma church, the Amber Room and Agate rooms of Catherine Palace, the Russian Museum, and the mosaics of the Church of Our Savior on Spilt Blood.

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