Valentine’s Day in St Petersburg

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in St Petersburg

The phenomenon of globalization becomes increasingly evident in terms of cross-cultural interaction. A great example for the adoption of foreign traditions is the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Russia. Although not many of us know the background of this celebration it is beyond dispute that this day has become the most romantic day of the year in Russia.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day doesn’t have a long history in our country. However, every year there are plenty of events that can make this day unforgettable for you and your partner. For example, if you are not very familiar with the roots of the holiday,  the chain of book stores called ”Bookvoed” offers a lecture on the origins of Valentine’s Day. The workshop is organised by native speakers of English from one of the local language schools. This is a great opportunity for locals to practice English and learn more about American culture.

Another way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to visit the Botanical Gardens. Not only will you see and smell flowers from all over the world but the gardeners will explain the meanings of the various flowers. This is a fantastic possibility for young men to impress their beloved girlfriends with a sophisticated bouquet. The gardens also promise to organize some hidden places to express your feelings and to kiss each other!

If you are brave enough and can’t wait to proclaim in public how deeply you love someone, Vosstaniya Square in the center of St Petersburg is the best place for you. From 7 pm till 9 pm your love message will be broadcast on a huge screen right in the heart of the city.

Those who prefer to be active on Valentine’s Day can also find an interesting options. Cafe ”Miracle” in St Petersburg has prepared a charitable dance marathon. Participants are invited to ”buy” a dance with a girl or a boy they like. The one who offers the best price, gets the dance. All the money will go to support the local homeless shelter. Outdoor activities include ice skating in one of the city parks. As the official color of the day is red don’t forget to put on a red scarf and hat of the same color for your ice skating promenade!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!